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Rink coordinators know how hectic it can be to keep rink schedules current and correct.

Forget about double booking

Ever had multiple teams show up at the same time to use one rink? With bookarink.us you’ll never have to worry about double booking a rink again!

Rink Scheduling Solution

Unlimited number of schedules, rinks, users, and reservations.

Easy to use, Easy to manage

Eliminate numerous phone calls or emails asking about rink availablity.

Responsive Design

The program adapts to the device it is being used on based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

Well documented

Includes documentation and user videos to teach you how best to use the system.

Comes with support

If you face any trouble, you can always let our dedicated support team help you. They are ready for you.

powerful performance

It is tested on most of the major browsers and all kinds of devices to ensure a glitch-free smooth running experience.

Reminders and Notifications

System announcements and reservation reminders are sent out to keep everyone informed and up-to-date.

Admin Tools

The program is designed with a simple, intuitive user interface. bookarink.us removes the stress of being a rink coordinator.

bookarink.us is a turn-key solution that makes it incredibly easy to manage rink scheduling!

Why you need to use bookarink.us:

 Setting up a spreadsheet is a lot of work to manage and maintain.

 Mistakes happen and multiple teams show up to use the same rink.

 You currently spend too much time trying to schedule rinks.

 bookarink.us is designed specifically for the needs of rink coordinators.

 You want real-time rink availability.

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login screen

Login Screen

bookarink.us allows users to make reservations on rinks which they have access to, based on any rules or quotas in place. Users can manage their reservations (add, edit, delete), and update their profile. System administrators have additional capabilities to configure the system and manage reservations.



Announcements are a very simple way to display notifications to users. An announcement can be configured with a start and end date. A priority level is also available, and HTML is allowed within the announcement text. This allows you to embed links or images from anywhere on the web. Announcements can be targeted to a user group or to users who have access to a certain resource. Announcements can be emailed to users as well.

create reservation create reservation


A user creates a reservation by selecting the day and timeslot desired. The system will not allow two reservations for the same resource at the same time. Through the use of Custom Attributes, additional data fields can be added to the reservation screen.



Blackouts can be used to prevent reservations from being booked at certain times. This feature is helpful when a resource is temporarily unavailable or unavailable at a scheduled recurring interval. Blacked out times are not bookable by anyone, including administrators.



Quotas restrict reservations from being booked based on a configurable limit. If a reservation would violate any quota, the user will be notified and the reservation will be denied. The quota system is very flexible, allowing you to build limits based on reservation length and number reservations. Quotas applied to a group are enforced for each user in the group individually. It does not apply to the group's aggregated reservations. Application Administrators are exempt from quota limits.



You can add, view, import, and manage all registered users. bookarink.us allows you to change resource access permissions of individual users, assign users to groups, deactivate or delete accounts, reset user passwords, edit user details, assign specific user reservation colors, and view the reservations of a user.



Resources can be anything you want to make bookable.

Resource attributes include: status (available, unavailable, hidden), schedule assignment, resource type, sort order, location, description, notes, calendar subscriptions, resource image, and resource color.

Resource duration settings include the ability to set a minimum reservation duration, maximum reservation duration, and a reservation buffer.

Reservation access settings include the ability to set reservation lead time, how far into the future reservations can be set, reservation approval, and if users are automatically granted permission to the resource.

Resources can be assigned to individual users or user groups. Application Administrators are exempt from usage constraints.



A schedule defines the individual timeslots available to each rink. When creating a schedule, the only requirement is you must provide slot values for all 24 hours of the day (either as a reservable time slot, or a blocked time slot). bookarink.us can use the same layout for every day of the week, or you can customize the layout for each day of the week.

Schedules can be displayed starting on any day of the week and for any number of days.



Reports are a method to summarize reservation data. bookarink.us comes with a set of Common Reports which can be viewed as a list of results, a chart, exported to CSV and printed. In addition, ad-hoc reports can be created. This also allows listing, charting, exporting and printing. In addition, custom reports can be saved and accessed again later. Saved reports also can be emailed.









Eliminate multiple spreadsheet schedules!


We strongly believe in community and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to make it easy for your organization to manage and schedule your rinks. We have two different packages to choose from, along with additional services to save you time.



With bookarink.us, you will have an intuitive user experience, and a powerful online rink scheduling tool.

If you don't find bookarink.us easy to use within your first 30 days, we will refund your fees.


  • Only have a handful of rinks and teams that you need to manage?
  • Don't need all of the bells and whistles?
  • The Basic package is designed for clubs/organizations who want an online scheduling tool, but don't need all of the options of the program.

Refer to the chart below for package features.

- or -
  • Can handle multiple teams and rinks and users.
  • Able to separate users into groups and create usage reports.
  • The Premium package is designed for clubs/organizations who want to customize the program to fit their needs.

Refer to the chart below for package features.

- or -
Basic Premium
Announcements  System generated only  User defined & System announcements
Reservation Timeframe  7:00 am – 10:00 pm  User defined
Reservation Interval  30-minute time blocks  User defined
Reservation Form  Standard  User defined, custom data fields available
rinks  Unlimited  Unlimited
Blackouts  Unlimited  Unlimited
Users  Unlimited  Unlimited
User Groups  2 groups: Admin & User  User defined - multiple groups available.
Resource Groups  Not available  User defined - multiple resource groups available
Resource Types  Not available  User defined - multiple resource types available
Schedules  Limited to 1 schedule.  Unlimited
Custom Attributes  Not available  User defined - multiple custom attributes available
Quotas  Not available  User defined - multiple quotas available
Reports  Not available  User defined and standard reports available
Public viewing of schedule  Not available  Available - with user defined viewing options available
Custom Options  Not available  Available - User and reservation colors available
Support  User forum; email  User forum; email; phone
User Accounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can set the display to show the user, the organization, or a custom field of your choice (Premium package only)

In one action you can delete all reservations for a day or a range of days (Premium package only). Whenever a reservation is changed or deleted, the system sends an email notification.

Yes! There are a number of different types of reports to generate. All data can be exported to CSV for further analysis and reporting. (Premium package only)

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